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Dance Events To Return

Derby, Hinckley and Tamworth

Coming Back Soon




Subject to current restrictions being lifted as planned, I hope to be re-starting dance events at these three venues from July onwards.  Classes will not resume until September.

Further details will be provided later this month, so please subscribe to the site or like and follow JiveX on Facebook

Polite Notice - Please bring along your own hand sanitiser to any of our events and use it between dances. If you are suffering from any CoVid or flu-like symptoms, for the safety of others, I ask you not to attend!  Additionally: Dance is considered to be an aerobic activity and therefore dancers participate at their own risk! As dancers can occasionally get bumped or stepped on by other dancers, I advise (do not police) that people refrain from wearing stilleto heels, or metal segged shoes. Any injury, illness or loss is entirely your own responsibility. JiveX, its staff, or its helpers cannot be held responsible under any circumstances.

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